Home Inspection

A Home Insepction is requested in most cases by a Buyer purchasing a home. Seller's sometimes have a Home Inspection done in advance to find any items that may come up when selling or as a benefit to a Buyer. 

Wind Mitigation

A Wind Mitigation Report is used to give credits on Home Owner's Insurance Policies. These credits can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to even a thousand. 

This type of report shows the nail pattern of the roof, the  roof to wall connection and roof geometry. Also shows, hurricane protection for glazed and non-glazed openings (i.e. doors & windows)

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4 Point Inspection

This type of Inspection is needed and used for Insurance purposes. A 4 point is normally required if a Home is over 30 years old, Repaired Sinkhole or Foreclosures. 

The report tells when the Roof, HVAC (Air/Heat Unit), Plumbing, and Electrical have been updated. 

For a Repaired SInkhole home - Insurance companies may require a 4 point as well as show the cosmetic repairs have been done completed.